Sampling the city’s freshest pasta and full-bodied flavours, A Place We Like reveals Bologna’s must-eats and where to find them. Go beyond the travel guides for an authentic, Italian-style, dine-out experience that will make your mouth water. Buon appetito!

5 must-see museums in Stockholm

Whatever the season, Stockholm has plenty to keep you entertained. You wouldn’t be to blame to think that, with its Nordic temperatures, the city is better off visited in summer. That is far from being true. Instead, Stockholm makes a perfect year-round gateway and an unmatched experience into cutting-edge art, Nordic traditions and avant-garde designs….

The Brenta Riviera

It’s not hard to see why Venice has been one of Europe’s most sought-after travel destinations  for centuries. To this day,  its timeless beauty draws an incredible amount of tourists thanks to the city’s richness in art and traditions. What is probably less known, especially amongst international travellers, is what lies just a little beyond the main city, in a stretch of land that runs alongside the river Brenta from the artistic Padua to the picturesque Venice, in the area that is known as the Brenta Riviera.

Kyoto: a window into Japan’s traditions

Reflecting customs and traditions bequeathed from one generation to the next, Kyoto bears the iconic allure of the original Japan. And if neon-lit skyscrapers, slick anime and advanced technology are Tokyo’s trademarks, Kyoto, unlike its Eastern counterpart, is predominantly renowned for its idyllic gardens and poignant temples. But the city is not only that. As…


Draped over more than 100 small islands, Venice is where the land meets the sea. From a speck of land where glass-making is an art to a happening lido with the world’s oldest Film Festival, we use our insider knowledge to round up some of the lagoon’s most suggestive islands. Getting lost is going to…

A grey metropolis and a sunny day.

Being back in the hectic UK’s capital has brought along lovely memories – London, once again, fully lives up to the expectations and it is easy to feel swamped by the sheer abundance of sights the city serves on a silver platter.

A dose of good luck.

Songkran in Bangkok. The car was barely moving as the crowd took over the street, dancing and swirling in a hectic movement. The heat was suffocating, penetrating my nostrils and leaving me in a sweat. New Year’s celebrations in Bangkok get heated, in every possible way.

Car-keys are optional.

Styrsö Island and Gothenburg’s beachside. Rock-climbing up a steep wall of granite, we strove to reach the highest peak, proceeding rapidly across the grey mattress stretching monotonously as far as the eye can see. By abandoning the well-trodden walking trial and venturing to the interior, we made a statement: the journey, not the arrival matters…

Gothenburg, fika and IKEA

A journey through Gothenburg’s major sights and “fika” culture. There is no English equivalent to the Swedish word “fika”. Looked up on the dictionary it refers to a break that practically consists of a coffee and a cake. As a matter of fact, that is correct. What is interesting about “fika” is the unspoken meaning,…

Eastbourne and Beachy Head

A hiking trip from Eastbourne to Beachy Head. ON thy stupendous summit, rock sublime ! That o’er the channel rear’d, half way at sea The mariner at early morning hails, I would recline; while Fancy should go forth, And represent the strange and awful hour Of vast concussion; when the Omnipotent Stretch’d forth his arm,…

Venice: tips from an insider

Venice’s traditions: spriss and cicchetti. The train plods wearily down rusty rails, grumbling and coughing like a centennial giant. Familiarly known as “Vaca Mora”, it has seen the route Adria – Venezia for over 100 years, running through the idle Venetian countryside in its over an hour long journey. Old train stations follow one another,…