Veneto’s architectural beauties.

It’s not hard to see why Venice has been regarded as one of the most coveted travel destinations in Europe for years – its entire area is a wonderful artwork, rich in culture and traditions. What is probably less known, is what lies just a little beyond the main city, in a stretch of land that runs along the river Brenta, from the artistic Padua to the picturesque Venice, in what is renowned as Riviera del Brenta.

Centuries ago, Riviera del Brenta was the ideal escapade for bored Venetian noblemen, who fled from the hectic capital to find respite in the tranquility of the countryside, and that is the reason why the river is now elegantly flanked by hundreds villas, the so called Ville Venete.

Through the years, these architectural treasures have been home to some of the world’s most popular and powerful men – Napoleon, Byron and Galileo Galilei are just some of the names that have contributed to making these timeless beauties such a charming destination. Nowadays, these majestic villas still offer a pleasant sight to behold: a boat trip on board of the romantic Burchiello , down the river Brenta, offers a journey through art and history.

Our pick? Villa Pisani, with its 300 years of history, is certainly a must-see. This poignant building was constructed by architects such as Palladio, Falconetto and Scamozzi and, featuring over 100 rooms, an idyllic park and a real maze, is one of the most iconic vestiges of Venetian nobility.

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  1. Jay Ramos says:

    Such an amazing place 😉

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  2. purawika says:

    Venice is definitely on my list ! ☺️

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    1. APlaceWeLike says:

      I’m glad my article might have partially inspired you 🙂


  3. It makes so much sense why John Ruskin wrote his work the Seven Lamps of Architecture.. mainly on Venetian work of course. A place of beauty.


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